Splash of colours!

I’m thrilled!!!

You’re here to read my second blog

Thankyou so much!

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”

The slower vibrations and deep tone of water filling my bowl. The plink of water when my brush touches water surface. Then the brush going into warmth of textured colour and touching the surface of my sheet. Ahh.. those strokes some vertical some horizontal to sliding over my sheet to upshot makes my soul full with euphoria.

I have multi passion disorder, Somedays i want to become blogger somedays artist or somedays something professional. I’m enthusiastic like a small kid to explore new opportunities. But ART, yes!!art has always been in my veins.

Much of it i remember is it started when i was in my 4th standard and i was given to prepare a leaf diagram on chart paper. As always i came back home and asked my mum to handle it because she herself is a ravishing artist. But this time she didn’t make it else taught me how to make it. Next day when i showed it to my teacher she praised me so much that i was on cloud nine and motivated to step into bucket of colours. Then i joined art class nearby my home and i remember how i was taught to draw trees as my first art but only practised cryon medium. Later in my 8th standard i was taught oil color painting on canvas and it turned to be my favourite peice.*I donot have it here with me right now, i m sharing other peices i created*

December 2015

With the burden of my studies increasing *choose this burden myself by choosing mathematics as my optional subject with accounts*, i left paints & brushes. So couldn’t release dopamine because these were the only things that made me happiest, but still used my creative skills on my projects. During school time i won various prizes even at district level.

For 4 and half years i didnot paint!

So now lockdown turned out to be a boom to my art journey. At beginning i was nervous, i wasnt confident and maybe lacked esteem to post my work anywhere. though i knew i had potential!

Then one day my brother, motivated me to start this journey by just saying, the talent you seek within you i donot have it. Talents are not to be kept hidden, what if people laugh, donot appreciate who knows you?….just these few words struck hard and from the very next day i started my journey and its going beautiful expect the days of art block😅. *Maybe i paint often*

April 2020

Now for me life is art, living life in colours is only objective. I can mold my life the way i want & improve and erase my mistakes. They are not just mistakes but happy lil accidents that’s what i call them!!!

You can check my artworks on my instagram page https://instagram.com/artsy_spree?igshid=t0il698x1kx9

I would appreciate your beautiful comments.

About me and my blog!

Hi, I’m Sejal!

Welcome to my blog! I’m so happy you’re here.

I’m super excited that i’m finally doing this and flooded with euphoria about the support,love and encouragement. It means a lot to me that you’re here to read my first blog post. Thankyou😊

I really don’t know from where to start. Neither am i a writer nor a blogger, but struggling hard to write my starting piece. I’m like a lost soul trying to find direction.

About me,

I’m Sejal, and i’m 20 years old and currently pursuing my graduation 3rd year. I’m doing economics hons. so i’m quite good with demand and supply. Also i have been a commerce student so have quite innovative ideas about business. Living in my hometown in Shimla as that’s the place where a-lot of people who i love and care about are is a perfect place for me. But a perfect day for me consists of being snuggled up in my bed, with loads of food & my music.

I’m just a simple girl, nothing fancy!

Why am i blogging publicly rather than keeping a personal journal?

As in the changing phase of competition, life is quite messed up with various naked thoughts and emotions, which i think needs to be poured out into ocean. Also i need to keep myself going and distracted from other stuff.

What is my blog about?

My blog is a personel blog that will deal with art, mental health,thoughts and many more. And i hope my journey will help you to find your potential and will fill everyone who reads my post with self esteem and happiness.

I hope i reach out to many people as possible and wish to use my platform to boom other people.

I have always aimed to spread happiness in everyone’s life. So if you some suggestions feel free to share with me😊